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Here at Unshackled our goal is to give you lots of information about how you and your local community benefit by using independent businesses, local craftsmen, local producers and co-operatives rather than using multinationals and large corporates.

Buy From Locally Owned Shops

Buy Local Produce

Use Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

Avoid Foreign Websites

If you think about it, when you buy from a local business or supplier most of your money stays in your community, whereas if you buy from a multinational corporate your money goes into the pockets of the faceless shareholders of said company - most of which are just other corporates and/or in a far off land.

So why is it better for you to spend your money in this way? Well there are a number of reasons:

  • 1. Your community will be richer for it
  • 2. You'll know the people you are buying from
  • 3. People you buy from care about giving you a good product/service
  • 4. Your money will probably be spent again within your own community - some of it might even come back to you